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    "I enjoyed feeling calmness and empowerment.  I recommend you all the time."

            - MS


    "My treatment and counseling at the Lakeside Counseling & Hypnotherapy Center was very beneficial to my personal life and I highly recommend their services.  The program was fairly priced and professionally administered."

            - GM


    "I've suffered from symptoms of anxiety for 20 years now.  Amy has taught me effective relaxation techniques that make my disorder much more manageable.  I have not had a full blown panic attack since my sessions with her, and fully credit her with that fact!  If you suffer from anxiety, give Amy a call.  Her techniques work!"

            - LL


    "I loved my hypnotherapy sessions with Amy.  Her voice is so soothing, and she did a great job tailoring the content to my specific needs.  I am so glad my psychologist recommended her to assist with my mental health needs."

            - NN


    "After one year, I am still not having anxiety attacks."

            - SR


    "I just flew again, used the techniques, and did well.  I listened to the CDs for preparation.  I needed these tools you taught me.  I feel more in control, and I most enjoyed how the hypnotherapy was so relaaaxxxing.  Thank you!"

            - SS


   "I was very pleased with the results from my sessions with Amy. I most enjoyed the calmness it brought into my life."

            - ER


    "It feels wonderful to relax completely and hear positive words.  I am finally able to relax!"

            - AO


    "LCHC helped me overcome my fears and anxieties, after I successfully battled Crohn's Disease.  Amy's relaxed, non-judgmental approach to hypnosis was very successful.  She customized therapy and CDs specific to me, that I continue to use, ensuring lasting results."

            - RS


    "Lakeside CHC has successfully helped me with a severe phobia with flying.  Since the taped hypnotherapy session, I have had no problems -- and it's been 1 year.  Thanks!"

            - RH


    "I was having anxiety and tension, and needed stress management.  After my session with Amy, I experienced immediate relaxation and continue to use my personal CD to reinforce the positive messages and affirmations.  Also, prior to having knee replacement surgery last fall, I listened to my relaxation and healing affirmation CDs and had an excellent pre-op and post-op experience.  I have recommended Amy Bernstein to several friends."

            - GB


    "Amy first taught me how to administer EFT to myself (A form of healing involving "tapping" that helps with stress relief.)  Then I did a hypnotherapy session and I was SO RELAXED.  The best part is that I get to take home a CD of our session so I can do it at home.  I learned how to relieve day-to-day stress, which is what I needed to work on.  (She tailors the session to your needs.)  Amy's awesome!  I highly recommend!  And thank you Amy!

            - KA


    "I would highly recommend that any person dealing with stress, anxiety or phobias give hypnosis a chance.  [My] Lakeside Center hypnotherapist was concerned and sympathetic to my needs.  My sessions were productive and catered to my exact needs.

            - JM


            "I was afraid to fly.  I wanted to go to an event that was important to me and hypnotherapy helped me accomplish my goal.  It worked."

                        - EK